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9 Tips for Managing People Who Think for Work

For most of my career I’ve associated with people who think for work. This thinking has taken place in quite a number of industries and environments, many that aren’t typically thought of as having knowledge workers. I’ve tripped up several times, so I’d like to share some of my personal learnings in a hope that […]

Balancing Chaos and Bureaucracy

The death of Agile is the twin evils of Chaos and Bureaucracy. Either evil, by itself, will spell the end. The ideal is to strike a balance between the two which provides just enough bureaucracy so as to avoid a headlong fall into chaos. Henrik Kniberg provided a great presentation on the Agile Enterprise culture […]

I am an Enoughionist

I’ve recently heard a lot of talk about the Minimally Viable Product or Minimally Marketable Product The idea of the MVP is closely related to the Agile Principle of “Simplicity—the art of maximizing the amount of work not done—is essential”. Elio Carletti said: Beauty is a summation of the parts working together in such a way […]

Structuring Successful Agile Teams

One indicator of a successful project is the desire of the customer/client to have more projects. This desire can quickly grow in volume to the point that the original team no longer has the bandwidth to accommodate all of the requests without augmenting the team. Many teams grow organically and, over time, they often grow […]

Daily Standups and How to Let Things Fail ASG 12FEB2016

We had a very insightful meeting on Friday in addition to the cupcakes that Landon Cline brought. Jason Bedell will be posting about how Creative and XD can work in an Agile environment, but in the meantime here are a couple of other topics addressed:   Standup Meetings – Teams may find that they slowly […]

Top Reasons Why Agile Fails

  We often toute the benefits of Agile, and there are indeed many benefits. However, those benefits can only be obtained when the proper practices are followed. Our discussion in the Agile Support Group on Friday was about the different failure modes for Agile projects. Why do they sometimes fail or at least fail to […]

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