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CodeAnd Cast is a podcast hosted by Andrew Carlson, Landon Cline, and Jacob Berthelsen. A few devs talking with cool people who have a common interest in web and software development and having fun.

Episode 7 – Book Publishing / Challenging Yourself to Learn

Episode 7 includes guests resident CodeAnd gaming commissioner Ben Summers and the super sneaky Drupal kraken and book writer Eric J. Gruber to discuss his publishing experiences, challenging yourself to learn, along with other silly high jinks. iTunes RSS SoundCloud Google Play Music Anywhere podcasts are available Show Notes Topics: Book Publishing (13:00) Challenging Yourself to Learn (39:00) Picks: […]

Episode 6 – Civic Hacking / Curating Communities

This episode our guest Seth Etter explains what civic hacking is and how to get involved in your local area to help better your community. Speaking of community, how about your local dev community? We talk about curating dev communities and some of the challenges and benefits that come along with it.

Episode 5 – Agile in Real Life / The history of Waterfall and Lean Manufacturing

Most of us have worked with The Agile Methodology in the work place, but what about at Agile at home? Preston Chandler explains to us how he utilizes some of the Agile principles in day to day life with his family. Continuing to talk about other project management processes we then debunk some of the myths about waterfall and the history of Lean Manufacturing.

Episode 4 – CMS and Frameworks / Building high functioning teams

This episode we talk about the integration of Content Management Systems with modern frameworks like Angular and React and getting them to play like a team. Then we move on to building the high functioning teams and how it doesn’t always take a team full of all-stars to make an awesome and winning team.

Episode 3 – REST and Rest

This episode we talk with Engineering Overlord Lyndsey Padget about RESTful services and taking time for hobbies.

Episode 2 – Hosting Solutions and Love for Programming

This episode we look at hosting options like Amazon Web Services and Digital Ocean and try to articulate just why we love development.

Episode 1 – working from home, editors, experts, & picks

In the debut episode the gang discusses work-from-home productivity vs. office productivity, the pros and cons of a handful of code editors and how the label ‘expert’ can affect one’s self-perception and professional development. This episode’s picks address vital developer concerns including a good shell environment, coffee, whiskey and more.

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