Most of us have worked with The Agile Methodology in the work place, but what about at Agile at home? Preston Chandler explains to us how he utilizes some of the Agile principles in day to day life with his family. Continuing to talk about other project management processes we then debunk some of the myths about waterfall and the history of Lean Manufacturing.

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Show Notes


  • Agile in Real Life (14:50)
  • Myth of Waterfall (29:10)
  • History of Lean Manufacturing (37:38)

There’s no such thing as the Waterfall Approach!

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Preston Chandler
I have a passion for finding the best ways to get things done. This passion has led me to study Lean and Agile, which I use on a daily basis to help teams deliver awesomeness to the client. Though I started my undergraduate career studying music, I quickly realized that my greatest joy did not lie in music but in seeing and helping others learn, grow and accomplish greatness. Not only do I love solving all sorts of difficult problems with elegant solutions, I also want to empower and uplift others to solve any conundrum that arises.
Jacob Berthelsen
Husband, father, web dev/designer, expert gif'er, oxford comma user, & seeker of awesomeness.
Andrew Carlson
Human being.
Landon Cline
Ever since I was little I was taking computers apart and rebuilding them. Since then I've had various jobs in tech, but eventually I stumbled upon programming and development. The problem solving and engineering of solutions drew me in like moth to flame. I continue to refine my skills and have found my passion for front-end development and Angular. Most of what I learned has been self taught and from mentoring in the community. I can't say enough about how great the community is for development!