In Episode 16 we talk to Jonathan Mills about publishing content on Pluralsight and have some Javascript QA with special guest Nate Dean.

Show Notes


  • Pluralsight and presenting (1:00)
  • Javascript (24:00)
  • Architecture (36:45)
  • Favorites (45:27)
  • Picks (58:23)




Jonathan Mills
Jonathan Mills
Jonathan Mills is a Pluralsight Author, Microsoft ASP.Net Insider, and International Speaker on topics ranging from Node.js and Angular to Management and Agile Development. Jon is a consultant with Paige Technologies and helps our clients deal with the constantly changing landscape of software development. Jon also has the opportunity to promote positive management and project practices. Jon’s current favorite tech stack is javascript including Angular and Node, but is constantly paying attention to the next big thing.
Nate Dean
Nate Dean
In the last few years I've built web applications with Node.js and Express, built large scale client-side data-visualization web apps with AngularJS and D3, re-themed Wordpress installations, written Objective-C and placed a native iOS app in the App Store. Lately I'm using React/Redux and loving it. Other tools I've worked with lately are Immutable.js, Rx.js, Angular1, Angular2, Typescript.
Landon Cline
Ever since I was little I was taking computers apart and rebuilding them. Since then I've had various jobs in tech, but eventually I stumbled upon programming and development. The problem solving and engineering of solutions drew me in like moth to flame. I continue to refine my skills and have found my passion for front-end development and Angular. Most of what I learned has been self taught and from mentoring in the community. I can't say enough about how great the community is for development!
Andrew Carlson
Human being.