Episode 1 – working from home, editors, experts, & picks


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In the debut episode the gang discusses work-from-home productivity vs. office productivity, the pros and cons of a handful of code editors and how the label ‘expert’ can affect one’s self-perception and professional development. This episode’s picks address vital developer concerns including a good shell environment, coffee, whiskey and more.


Show Notes


  • Working from Home – Productivity (1:00)
  • Editors (16:25)
  • Experts (31:15)

Developer Picks:



Andrew Carlson
Human being.
Jacob Berthelsen
Husband, father, web dev/designer, expert gif'er, oxford comma user, & seeker of awesomeness.
Landon Cline
Ever since I was little I was taking computers apart and rebuilding them. Since then I've had various jobs in tech, but eventually I stumbled upon programming and development. The problem solving and engineering of solutions drew me in like moth to flame. I continue to refine my skills and have found my passion for front-end development and Angular. Most of what I learned has been self taught and from mentoring in the community. I can't say enough about how great the community is for development!


  1. Hey great podcast, guys. Looking forward to more. Going to submit to iTunes, Stitcher, and others?

    • Thanks, glad you liked it! Look for episode 2 soon. Yes we have it launched on iTunes and are going to work on getting posted a few other places as well.

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