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Code and Coffee notes for 2/11/2016

Location: VML Airport Topics: Preston explained how he uses Agile in real life (future podcast idea) Erik showed us his GraphQL implementation Evan demoed his progress on his React application Attendees: Evan Vermilyea Brett Schroeder Preston Chandler Erik Akers Frankie Cline Andrew Carlson Jacob Berthelsen Landon Cline Anthony Piercy

Code and Coffee Notes for 1/28/16

Setting up Git plugins for Visual Studio Jacob fixed and showed us the fix for the title tag issue on Demo of Andrew’s amortization calculator Next week for Code & Coffee we will meet at

Code and Coffee Notes for 1/21/16

Summary Notes: Talked more about working remotely, how the burden is distributed when the majority of the team is in office and one or two people are remote. Discussed release dates and when to record the next podcast. Met with David, Mark and Erik and got feedback on the first podcast. Discussed future brand possibilities, […]

Code and Coffee Notes for 1/14/16

Summary Notes: Cliff showed a great example of refactoring a long switch case statement into a constant to reduce the size of the function.   Jacob and Landon worked on setting up some pages and settings for the codeand_ server. Each group now has it’s own page. Talked about the release of the first podcast […]

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