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No is an Acceptable Answer

Co-authored by Andrew Carlson When used appropriately, “No” can be our most powerful tool. Truly powerful “no” users employ it in the following ways: No, but… … we could always try ‘x.’ We don’t need to be a yes-(wo)men or flip-flop on our opinions but we do need to give reasonable alternatives to the desired course of action. Simply saying ‘no’ without any […]

Angular 2 – What We’ve Learned

This post was co-authored by Landon Cline and Andrew Carlson It’s no secret that the JavaScript world is moving incredibly quickly to the point of exhausting anyone actively involved in developing products using a remotely ‘modern’ JS style. With your JavaScript fatigue on the backburner, let’s talk Angular 2. Why the fuss over a version change? […]

9 Tips for Managing People Who Think for Work

For most of my career I’ve associated with people who think for work. This thinking has taken place in quite a number of industries and environments, many that aren’t typically thought of as having knowledge workers. I’ve tripped up several times, so I’d like to share some of my personal learnings in a hope that […]

Episode 8 – Mentoring developers / Code bootcamps

  Episode 8 includes guest Stephanie Serafine to talk about mentoring developers and working with code bootcamps also joining in is a recent code bootcamp graduate, Frankie Cline. iTunes RSS SoundCloud Google Play Music Anywhere podcasts are available Show Notes Topics: About Steph (5:00) Mentoring developers and bootcamps (12:45) Picks (45:42) Picks: Smartest man in the world […]

Episode 7 – Book Publishing / Challenging Yourself to Learn

Episode 7 includes guests resident CodeAnd gaming commissioner Ben Summers and the super sneaky Drupal kraken and book writer Eric J. Gruber to discuss his publishing experiences, challenging yourself to learn, along with other silly high jinks. iTunes RSS SoundCloud Google Play Music Anywhere podcasts are available Show Notes Topics: Book Publishing (13:00) Challenging Yourself to Learn (39:00) Picks: […]

Balancing Chaos and Bureaucracy

The death of Agile is the twin evils of Chaos and Bureaucracy. Either evil, by itself, will spell the end. The ideal is to strike a balance between the two which provides just enough bureaucracy so as to avoid a headlong fall into chaos. Henrik Kniberg provided a great presentation on the Agile Enterprise culture […]

IE9 and stylesheet limits

For many of our sites IE9 and (hopefully not) below are part of the scope. So here is something to remember when things aren’t showing up as expected (well even more than usual) on IE9. Internet Explorer can’t handle more than 4,095 selectors in a single CSS file. This is definitely pretty easy to run […]

Episode 6 – Civic Hacking / Curating Communities

This episode our guest Seth Etter explains what civic hacking is and how to get involved in your local area to help better your community. Speaking of community, how about your local dev community? We talk about curating dev communities and some of the challenges and benefits that come along with it.

The Miracle of Leveling Demand

Figuring out how to accommodate the variability of client needs is a constant struggle. At times there will be too much work to do, or a deadline too quick, or even a lag in requests. Agile and Lean both address this issue by applying the principle of Leveling, but may do it in different ways. […]

Episode 5 – Agile in Real Life / The history of Waterfall and Lean Manufacturing

Most of us have worked with The Agile Methodology in the work place, but what about at Agile at home? Preston Chandler explains to us how he utilizes some of the Agile principles in day to day life with his family. Continuing to talk about other project management processes we then debunk some of the myths about waterfall and the history of Lean Manufacturing.

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