Craftsmanship – Episode 21

Unbreakable. Perfect: The Craft of Code

The best welders create seams so perfect that flaws cannot be detected even by an X-ray. Most welders will never get there. Code is no different. Do you write code that ‘works’ or code that is crafted so perfectly it will never show a flaw? We will explore timeless principles that make great code: recognizing code smells, writing for testability, keeping things simple and clear. Many of these ideas were written down decades ago, but are still ignored. The most important first step is viewing code as a craft, something that is done for it’s own sake rather than something hacked out to solve a problem. In this session, you’ll learn how to create a plan for steady improvements. Syntax, languages, frameworks all fade away. A mindset that is focused on craft will never fail.

Interviews – Episode 20

In Episode 20 we chat about everything interviews with our experiences on both sides of the table. Topics include resumes, appearance, and what the interviewer is looking for.

TEALS Technology Education and Literacy in Schools – Episode 19

In Episode ‘19’ we talk to Allison Hartnett – Regional Manager of TEALS, about their work in high schools throughout the US to build and grow sustainable computer science programs.

Time Management and Leadership – Episode 18

In Episode 18 we discuss methods for time management. What has worked well and why. Then we talk about leadership, what does good leadership look like and how can we be better leaders ourselves.

Episode 17 – new hosts, minimalism, and resolutions

In this episode we kick off season 3 with introducing 2 new hosts and jumping into a little chat over minimalism and resolutions to get the year started.

Jacob Berthelsen
Landon Cline
Eric Gruber
Richard Davenport

Host introductions: 1:43
Minimalism: 4:17
Picks: 25:33
Resolutions: 34:26

Episode 16 – publishing content on Pluralsight and some javascript

In Episode 16 we talk to Jonathan Mills about publishing content on Pluralsight and have some Javascript QA with special guest Nate Dean. iTunes RSS SoundCloud Google Play Music Anywhere podcasts are available Show Notes Topics: Pluralsight and presenting (1:00) Javascript (24:00) Architecture (36:45) Favorites (45:27) Picks (58:23) Picks: KCDC – (Jonathan) Cory House – (Nate) Dan Abramov  – (Nate) […]

Episode 15 – Journey Through An Evolving Tech Landscape

As we know the world of tech moves very fast! In Episode 15 we talk to Nick Haynes about his journey through an evolving tech landscape and some of the lessons learned along the way.

Principles, Systems and Tools (AKA Why Hammers Don’t Fix Every Problem)

Every once in awhile I review previous posts and find that I’ve touched on a topic, but I haven’t provided much background. I must have done a poor job in my prior reviews because I missed the fact that several of my previous posts talk about the relationship of Principles, Systems and Tools without actually […]

Episode 14 – VIM vs Webstorm

In Episode 14 we have guests Arun Mascarenhas and Chris Stanley to talk about their editor/IDE of choice (VIM and Webstorm) along with the tools, tips and preferences for those editors.

Episode 13 – O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference

This episode is brought to you by O’Reilly’s Software Architecture Conference. In this episode we interview Neal Ford, the Program chair of the conference.

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