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Angular 2 – What We’ve Learned

This post was co-authored by Landon Cline and Andrew Carlson It’s no secret that the JavaScript world is moving incredibly quickly to the point of exhausting anyone actively involved in developing products using a remotely ‘modern’ JS style. With your JavaScript fatigue on the backburner, let’s talk Angular 2. Why the fuss over a version change? […]

Code and Coffee Notes for 2/18/16

Location: VML Airport Topics: Audio equipment for multiple mic setup on podcast Angular 2 and Tour of Heroes Agile – The importance of acceptance criteria in separation of concerns between front and back end work and parallel development Attendees: Evan Vermilyea Preston Chandler Erik Akers Frankie Cline Andrew Carlson Jacob Berthelsen Landon Cline Anthony Piercy […]

Sitecore Hackathon 2016 (Jan 29th 7pm – Jan 30th 7pm)

Developers Involved: Bill Dinger – Technical Architect Ty Esser – Platform Architect Landon Cline – Application Developer   On January 29th we competed in a Sitecore Hackaton. The rules for which can be read here. We decided to produce a Habitat Module and below are some reference links for the project. Documentation from our presentation […]

Code and Coffee Notes for 1/28/16

Setting up Git plugins for Visual Studio Jacob fixed and showed us the fix for the title tag issue on Demo of Andrew’s amortization calculator Next week for Code & Coffee we will meet at

Top Reasons Why Agile Fails

  We often toute the benefits of Agile, and there are indeed many benefits. However, those benefits can only be obtained when the proper practices are followed. Our discussion in the Agile Support Group on Friday was about the different failure modes for Agile projects. Why do they sometimes fail or at least fail to […]

Code and Coffee Notes for 1/14/16

Summary Notes: Cliff showed a great example of refactoring a long switch case statement into a constant to reduce the size of the function.   Jacob and Landon worked on setting up some pages and settings for the codeand_ server. Each group now has it’s own page. Talked about the release of the first podcast […]

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